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variants: Bachous, Bakhous, Bakhouse, Backhowse, Bakehouse, Bakehous, Backus, Bachus, Bacchus, Baccas, Bakhus

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This page displays the numbers of individuals with the name Backhouse at various points in time.

National Statistics (2002)

The table below shows the population of the name Backhouse and its variants as described by the National Statistics of 2002.


  • Backhouse3777(ranked 2111)
  • Bakehouse64(ranked 43667)
  • Backhus85(ranked 36641)
  • Total3926

Spatial Literacy Project (1998 & 1881)

The tables below show the populations of the name Backhouse as described by the Spatial Literacy Project. It should be noted that this survey did not provide any data for the variants of Bakehouse or Backus.



  • Backhouse2626(ranked 2303)


  • Backhouse2235(ranked 2024)

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  • Numbers (this page) of individuals at particular points in time.
  • Distribution of individuals at particular points in time.
  • Prediction of when the name first existed.
Backhouse Coat of Arms
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