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variants: Bachous, Bakhous, Bakhouse, Backhowse, Bakehouse, Bakehous, Backus, Bachus, Bacchus, Baccas, Bakhus

Backhouse Coat of Arms


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This study is still at an early stage and not all features are implemented yet so please keep calling back to check out new content as it is added.

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This page lists links to external websites that contain information on the family name. These websites could be individual family trees, threads on a forum or background information on a notable individual or event. The one thing they do have in common however is a relevance to the Backhouse name.

External links can be a very useful resource however being external I have no control over their content so please use the information on them with care. The down side of an external link is that if this resource is moved or removed entirely from the internet, the link can be broken. The up side to external links is that linking between websites can enhance a website's search engine rating, which in turn will mean more people will be able to find it.

So this is where you can help. Firstly if a link on this website is broken could you please report it using the contact form so that I can fix it. Secondly if your website is listed below I would be obliged if you could put a reciprocal link on it to help more people benefit from this study. Finally if you have a relevant website you would like listed here, please feel free to tell me about it also using the contact form.


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Backhouse Coat of Arms
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