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variants: Bachous, Bakhous, Bakhouse, Backhowse, Bakehouse, Bakehous, Backus, Bachus, Bacchus, Baccas, Bakhus

Backhouse Coat of Arms


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CONCnts, 1579-93.
CONCn the church of "Saint Lawrce in Appelbe" and gives
CONTTo his sister Janet Glaster and her children two old 'Angells' of Gold.
CONTTo his sister Kathern Hodgeson & her children 3 'Angells' of Gold.
CONTTo Richard Backhouse(relationship if any not stated) 2 'Angells'.
CONTTo the parish Church of Aiskarth 20s/-.
CONTTo the poor people of the same parish 20s/-.
CONTTo Thomas Backhouse, his nephew, 13s/4d.
CONTTo William Smyth certain articles of household use in the hands of ...i
CONTTo his said sisters Janet and Kathern other articles of household use i
CONCn the hands of his sister in law "layte wyffe unto Wyllm Backhouse."
CONTTo his nephew George Backhouse 1 'Angell' of Gold.
CONTTo his brother Wyllm ... goods at Whitrig.
CONTHe wills that Richard Backhouse shall have charge of his brother Willym
CONCs "farmhold" during the "nonage" of his said brothers child if this sai
CONCd sister in law "do fortune to mary before the said child do come to fu
CONCll age" -should the child die under age the said Richard to have the "t
CONTThe will also contains the following bequests &c.
CONT"Itm 1 wyll that my brother son nicholas Backhouse who ys at London sha
CONCll have blake gowne which ys at London in the hands of Henry Auldworth s
CONCenr. I give and bequeath to sd Wyllm sone and sd Richard by best gowne w
CONChich is at Wyllm Smythes. Itm 1 I give and Bequieth to Robert Ry... the t
CONCytle and right that I have of my Lord and in the tenemet of Thomas bery o
CONCf Carlton."
CONTHe gives to Janet Smyth wife of Wyllm Smyth hs "blake" horse.
CONTTo Katherine Hodgson, Janet Glaster my sisters and to Janet Smyth wife o
CONCf William Smith, aforementd, Ten pounds in the hands of Roland Backhous
CONTTo Richard Smyth the son of the aforesaid William Smyth the advowson of i
CONCn the County of Lincoln.
CONTTo Robert ... his servant his grey "meyr."
CONTTo John Backhouse my ... illegible ...
CONTTo his "Good Lady's" steward his cloke.
CONTTo Richard BAckhouse and John Hodgson, son of George Hodgson, the resid
CONCue of his estate& appoints then Executors, his brother Nicholas Backhou
CONCse and Roland Backhouse are appointed supervisors.
CONTN.B. - One John Backhouse was rector of Achurch or Thorpe Achurch, 1563
CONC-91; of Aldwincle, All Saints, 1568-80; and of Haselbeach (all), Northa
CONCnts, 1579-93.
OCCUClerk, vicar of Aysgarth
WP2 AUG 1565Carlisle