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Backhouse Coat of Arms


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Coat of Arms

There is more than one Coat of Arms associated with the Backhouse name however the most ancient also seems to be the most widespread. These are regarded as the definitive Coat of Arms for the name Backhouse.

Ancient Coat of Arms


arms: Per saltire or and azure, a saltire ermine.

crest: An eagle vert, wings closed preying on a snake proper.

motto: "Confido in Deo".



The shield is divided as a saltire or diagonal cross, signifying resolve.
The saltire is made of ermine, suggesting a mark of dignity.
The or (gold) portions signify generosity and elevation of the mind.
The azure (blue) portions signify truth and loyalty.

   It should be noted that
   - the colour mentioned first in the description refers to the areas above and below the cross.
   - the colour mentioned second in the description refers to the areas either side of the cross.


The eagle represents a person of "True magnanimity and strength of mind".
The vert (green) signifies hope, joy, and loyalty in love.
The snake represents wisdom.


"I trust in God".

Arms of London

arms: Parri per saltire or and azure, a saltire ermine.


Arms of Morland

arms: or, a saltire ermine. there is some doubt


Arms of Durham

arms: Per saltire or and azure, a saltire engrailed ermine between two roses (of Lancashire) in pale gules barbed and seeded proper, and as many crosses (of Durham) in fesse of the first.

crest: In front of a rock proper thereon an eagle displaying vert, holding in each claw a cross as of the arms, a serpent on its back the tail nowed also proper.

motto: "Confido in Deo".


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Backhouse Coat of Arms
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