Backhouseone name study
variants: Bachous, Bakhous, Bakhouse, Backhowse, Bakehouse, Bakehous, Backus, Bachus, Bacchus, Baccas, Bakhus

Backhouse Coat of Arms


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Hello and welcome to this study dedicated to the family name Backhouse and its variants. This study came about, like many others, from my own efforts to trace my family tree. I have always been aware that the name was not very common and research has shown only a few thousand examples of the name have existed at any one time. In fact during my research the numbers pointed to a possible single ancestor around the 13th century which is around the time surnames began to be used. Also images of individuals bearing the Backhouse name seemed to have a particular look, giving a little more credence to a possible single ancestor.

Tracing a family tree can be difficult but with a little help is made so much easier. So I thought why not share what I have found to help others with the same name. Also by presenting all the information I have collected it might prompt others to contribute too, so helping even more. In particular there is a frequently asked question, where can I find the descendants of John Backhouse, Yeoman of Moss Side, so that's where I started. I hope that you enjoy my website.

In this study you will find information relevant to the name Backhouse presented in the different sections of this website outlined below.


This section presents background information relating to the name.

Topics include:

  • Origin of the name including meaning, early references and variants.
  • Coat of Arms described and explained.
  • Myths and other untrue stories associated with the name.
  • Notable individuals that warrant a more detailed explanation.


This section presents records of individuals for you to explore.


This section presents statistics and analysis of the collected records.

Topics include:

  • Numbers of individuals at particular points in time.
  • Distribution of individuals at particular points in time.
  • Prediction of when the name first existed.


This section presents more information and how to contribute.

Topics include:

  • News of information added to the website.
  • Task List of what is being planned for the future.
  • Links to external websites relevant to the study.
  • Contact information.
Backhouse Coat of Arms
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